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Hello everyone ! This is my first guide cover after the January 20, 2019 update

AniołThe things you need for this task are:
1. Pokemon has the ability to fly or swim to move from island to island
2. Pokemon have the ability to open pits
3.100 worms (can be obtained from nidoking and nidoqueen or other sources)
Note: You will lose 6TD to buy the costume (I forgot about xD)

okeyy.....  start:
1. from the starting point and move left to reach Luffy's island

1.1.Go down the stairs in the picture

1.2.After going downstairs, go down and go right to meet Luffy
2. Start talking to the NPC
hi >  wyspie >zostanę > strój > pokemon
3. After leaving, go to the place marked on the map
3.1 Open the hole and go down and left and then go up you will see the box containing "Luffy's Feet" 
Then go back to Luffy
Hi > poszukiwania > odszukać 
4. that's just part of what Luffy asked of us! he will ask me to go to a friend at Cerulean, get 100 worms before going there if you don't want to spend more time

hi > tak > pomoc >miewa >przedmiot  
run out and come back
hi > zadaniem  
 You will get the rest of the mission
back to luffy
5. Hi > część 
 Luffy: Dzięki! Ta butla jest istotnym elementem stroju!
run out and back luffy , say 'hi" again 
tak > tak

continue to the ship in vermillion city , NPC Marynarz Juck.
defeat 3 pokemon , poliwarth , starmine,lapras 
come back Luffy 
hi>tak>tak and come back tomorrow
You will get a diving suit with movement speed as shown in the image is 750 (250 increased to 750)

thanks for watching !

Please comment <3
tbh great job Uśmiech rep +
(21-01-2019, 11:19 )Stefan Krol Zydowski napisał(a): [ -> ]tbh great job Uśmiech rep +

XD hope to help people: 3
(21-01-2019, 11:29 )anhculonga napisał(a): [ -> ]
(21-01-2019, 11:19 )Stefan Krol Zydowski napisał(a): [ -> ]tbh great job Uśmiech rep +

XD hope to help people: 3

i didnt even start this quest, like u saw i spend all time on absol spawn Niezdecydowany
Well done mate! <3