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Pełna wersja: Górnik Raphael QUEST !!!
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I came back here XD

This is the 3rd quest in this new update! 

things you need to prepare:

500 śrubek i 100 elektrycznych pudełek

take it from Pokemon tybe electricity 
(You can also use auto loot: 3
/aloot d:Śrubka
/aloot d:Elektryczne pudełko
/aloot d:kamień pioruna (This should be added if you are lucky enough XD ) )

1. We stem from cerulean and go to the place marked on the map! 
Talk to NPC, just Hi and Yes (Tak)
The things on the picture are the things you need to prepare!

After having all the necessary things! Go back to him and just Hi> tak
If not yet received the reward! Go away and come back, then Hi and Tak 1 more time
The reward is 5TD and 3 ROCK Stone (kamień skał)

good luck !
Any questions please contact the following characters:
Fire Soul