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QUEST "SUPER MAN" - Wersja do druku

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QUEST "SUPER MAN" - anhculonga - 25-01-2019

Hi everybody ! I came back here <3
now will be the guide for "Superman quest", that's what I call: 3

Super man suit (Elitarna Czwórka)
3 Boost Stone (Błyszczący kamien )
BOX 4 
Plecak Garchomp

The things you need to prepare will be included in the instructional images
Note: You need a minimum level of 50

let's start

First go to the NPC LANCE

Start the conversation!

Just Hi and Tak

He will need an antidote for dragonair, please go to terrsprit to find his friend
Just hi and tak, and then he will need you to get 5 kinds of berries for him
Those are in the picture, and the next picture is where you will find it!
plants will change places with each other every day, so go to all those places and you'll have what you need (or can message me to help)
this is OUTland [attachment=593]
This is on the right cinnabar [attachment=594]

After finding them, go back to the NPC Szaman Tomcio
Hi > Tak > Tak 
He will continue to give you more missions to get the antidote!
Look at the next picture! what you need there
You only need 50 "Smoczy szpon" only: 3
It is dropped at Dragonair and Dragonite (Snow point or Premium 1)
You can add these 4 items to autoloot: 3
/aloot d:Smoczy szpon
/aloot d:Smocza łuska
/aloot d:Smoczy ząb
This is not necessary if you are not lucky ( /aloot d:kryształowy kamień )
After getting all the necessary things back to Tomcio and give him those things, you will have an antidote
return to Lance, complete quests and receive rewards (just Hi and tak)

Thanks for watching: 3

RE: QUEST "SUPER MAN" - Shany - 25-01-2019

I love you ;*

RE: QUEST "SUPER MAN" - anhculonga - 25-01-2019

(25-01-2019, 15:17 )Shany napisał(a): I love you ;*

:3 -

Thank you-

RE: QUEST "SUPER MAN" - Shany - 01-03-2019

Wie ktos jaki minimalny lvl jest potrzebny by wykonac ten quest?

RE: QUEST "SUPER MAN" - anhculonga - 01-03-2019

i think is 90 ._.

RE: QUEST "SUPER MAN" - anhculonga - 23-04-2019

exactly lv50

RE: QUEST "SUPER MAN" - Shany - 23-04-2019

Srly only 50 lvl?

RE: QUEST "SUPER MAN" - anhculonga - 23-04-2019

yub :'3