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    Wątek: ? Różowe Ono ?
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good job!!!
duognnhi1906 Multimedia 5 890 11-06-2021, 13:12
    Wątek: Propozycje na 2021.r
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i like it =)) nice rate!
duognnhi1906 Propozycje 12 5,557 08-01-2021, 13:59
    Wątek: Propozycje na 2021.r
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8. as a player from Vietnam! I don't think much about adding quests to the game so that we have more to do or the rerun (new character) dynamics. But what if I try to do that? "My brother has also tri...
duognnhi1906 Propozycje 12 5,557 07-01-2021, 04:34
    Wątek: so fun but it is bug
Post: so fun but it is bug

duognnhi1906 Multimedia 0 3,041 23-06-2020, 16:59
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(20-05-2020, 22:36 )Baxter napisał(a): How are you still alive? This is not funny anymore ;/ i still alive xD  , say no with corona
duognnhi1906 Targ 2 4,301 26-05-2020, 13:53
    Wątek: Buy!
Post: Buy!

I need 1 mew2 with PP (1000-1700-2500pp), u can offer with me  ig: Meat Niku [attachment=952]
duognnhi1906 Targ 2 4,301 20-05-2020, 11:26
    Wątek: Towarzystwo Hodowców Ogórków
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Kupie Słońca 2 td , Emerald ingame : Meat Niku
duognnhi1906 Targ 4 5,408 14-04-2020, 05:59
    Wątek: New Project
Post: New Project

Hello everyone: 3 I will do a project on "quest" chains !!  I will recover the basic quests from what I learned from my brother "thangngu" xD [attachment=930]
duognnhi1906 Offtop 0 2,080 31-03-2020, 22:38
    Wątek: Tabela Pokemon
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maybe i'll do it!
duognnhi1906 Poradniki 6 20,541 31-03-2020, 21:39